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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fifth Anniversary Reflection

by Rev. Dr. Victoria Marie, RCWP Canada West

They say a priest has a miraculous power
to turn bread and wind into Jesus
But the miracle is to cultivate
the seed of Jesus within, that feeds us.
It's been five years
since my ordination.
Have I served well, progressed
or rested in stagnation?
Have I preached well,
broken open the Word
encouraged others,
listened, truly heard.
Provided space for others
to share their talents,
steered folks towards
inner/outer balance?
Do I hear their woes,
share in the lament,
as well as the joys
Divine Mystery has sent?
Have I shown by my own actions
that everything is sacred,
by loving Creator, my neighbour
and all God created.
Have I shown, like faith,
love is a verb?
Faith without love, love without action,
is empty, absurd.
Even if I've answered
these questions well
these are things at which
a priest can never excel.
Like everyone else, a priest
will never reach perfection.
Like everyone else, a priest
grows with self-examination, reflection.
Ministers must aim
for wholeness, ever reaching.
It in striving and living,
a pastor's true teaching.
Celebrations, lamentations,
all part of the story
as a community strives for wholeness,
seeks to behold God's glory.
In the end it's not perfection
in ministry, our test.
It's open hearts, open minds,
trying always to give our best.

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