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Monday, March 06, 2006

Boycott Film Press Release

Women’s Memorial March


VANCOUVER, BC, MARCH 6, 2006: The Boycott the film, “Killer Pickton” Petition, which was hosted by, collected over 1200 signatures in just over a month (January 30, 2006 to March 3, 2006). Signatories were asked to pledge to boycott the film by signing the petition, which stated in part.

This film serves only to feed the prurient interests of misogynists, while making violence against women a commodity. We feel the film is disrespectful to the memories of the murdered and missing women and their families. We are tired of the women being referred to as "mostly drug-addicted prostitutes" as if killing them were not as heinous as killing other women. The film and the publicity surrounding it, shows a total disregard for the humanity of the women. They are daughters, sisters, mothers and friends who are loved and who are missed by their families and friends.

I consider our petition campaign as success. Yet, I can not help but find it a sad commentary on our times that our petition collected just over 1200 signatures and a petition requesting that the television program, One Tree Hill, not be cancelled has collected almost 20, 000 and counting. It says that keeping a TV program on the air matters more than doing something to ease the pain and suffering of real people such as the victims, family and friends of women on the receiving end of violent acts.

On March 3rd, 2006 the completed petition was sent to the following recipients to ensure that it was in their hands by March 8th, International Women’s Day:
  • Los Angeles Times, Letters to the Editor

  • Motion Picture Distribution, Alliance Atlantis

  • Tom Alexander, Director, Theatrical Releasing, Mongrel Media

  • Pat Marshall, Vice President Communications and Investor Relations, Cineplex Galaxy LP

  • Jon Bain Senior Vice-President of Theatrical Distribution & Publicity, Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation

  • Chris Adkins, Operations, Telefilm Canada

  • Dean Leland, Vice President Marketing and Media, Empire Theatres Ltd

  • Hon. Libby Davies, Canadian House of Commons, Vancouver East

  • The Shadow Factory, Inc. (makers of the film)

For more information or for a copy of the petition and signatories’ names, please contact, Vikki at (604) 255-1555 or (604) 339-6413 or by E-mail at