Thursday, April 17, 2014

13 April 2014 – Passion [Palm] Sunday

A Few Thoughts

Let him be crucified! Or in our case, we are saying, “Let them be crucified!” During Lent some of us have been participating in a Lenten Program called, “I thirst”, which focused on Earth's dwindling fresh, clean water. But water is not the only gift from God that we are crucifying.

For example, we know that the Earth is suffering. Water and air are being routinely polluted and the lungs of the Earth are being destroyed through deforestation. Most of this is devastation is perpetrated to support corporate profits. Let's look at just one corporate example, Coca-Cola, which has operations in China, Colombia, El Salavador, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Tanzania, and Turkey.

In Guatemala and Colombia, advocates for fair labour practices at Coca-Cola bottling plants, are systematically intimidated through kidnapping, torture and murder. People in areas of India and Kenya are getting sick and dying because Coca Cola has obtained the water rights to potable water sources. It is cheaper for the poor to buy a Coke than Coca Cola's bottled water. So free, clean, safe drinking water, is unavailable to the people.

Unfortunately, we participate in this crucifixion of the Christ in creation. Unfortunately, we are caught up in a system from which it is almost impossible to disengage. We can, however, become responsible neighbours. We can familiarize ourselves and those in our circles with information on companies like Coca-Cola and their record on human rights, social justice and, environmental sustainability. We can use our purchasing power to demand greater corporate responsibility. We can purchase environmentally safe and human rights violation free products.

When it comes down to it. If we crucify them, that is God's people and God's Earth, we die with them. So let us not just look to our celebration of Jesus' resurrection at Easter, let us work with Christ for an Age of Easter for our world.

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