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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Creator, day before yesterday, while entering names in the intercessory prayer list, I was about to type, "Be with them Lord". Then I thought, "how inappropriate", because you are always with them (us). I tried to think of something appropriate to say and could not. So I didn't type anything and went about my prayers. Later while watching television, one of the characters in whatever I was watching at the time, said the same thing in a similar situation, "Be with them Lord". Then it hit me, out of the blue, like so many of the insights You send to me, the is why we need silent prayer. Whatever we say to You is so insignificant that the only thing that really makes sense is to offer You our time and just be with You.

I'm not saying that our prayers are insignificant in that we shouldn't bother praying. What I mean is that You know all our needs, wants, and desires better than we do. When we pray verbally, I think it is only to remind ourselves of who we are, what we want, really want and need. This led me to finally internalize in a more concrete way what has been said so many times before that the only stance or disposition for prayer is humility. Only You give our prayers silent or verbal any worth, merit or meaning. If I do not realize that, my prayer time is just so much noise or unconsciousness. When I say prayers for others, I have to name them to solidify my intent to pray for the person(s) named in the prayer. This is information to keep my neighbour in my mind. All of us are always in Your mind. Loving Constant Companion, I know that You need no reminders.

Please grant that I may always pray and reflect in a posture of humility, remembering that without You, I don't exist. You know my mind and heart and its desires before I have even formulated anything into a thought, wish or desire. I ask that you teach me to grow in love, humility and wisdom, that I may be able to discern Your will and have the strength and desire to do it. I ask this in nomine Patris et Fillii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen

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